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Rules for application for Sochi Film Festival
1) films taken after january 1, 2022 participate in the competition program.
2) the film is not obliged to be prime.
3) duration do not more than 120 minutes; may be exclusive.
4) we accept practically all films, all genres and any thematics for consideration.
Exclusions - we do not accept the films that violate the law of the russian federation and the morally ethical norms of humanity.
5) application is possible by two ways.
First on partners of the festival partners. 
The second is to write a letter to the festival organizers at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Send us a link to the film trailer, poster. Once we have a positive result to pay 50$ for details that we will provide.
6) the jury considers only the films that payed the entrance fee. no exemption fee.
7) materials excellent from the english and russian languages for selection should have english or russian subtitles.
8) past official selection films, we recommend to have russian subtitle.
9) movies are only online. We guarantee that we do not give a copy to third parties and we will not use it for any showing except for the contest of the festival.
10) all materials, such as a trailer, photo, posters, description, and inui information, we are right to use on all areas for festival advertising.

Waiting for your films.